Wow and Dota Esports Events

Wow and Dota Esports Events

Discover eSport bets with better’s Rift

ESport is a thriving business that is gaining in popularity as the months go by. From the recognition of professional player status to the buy-out of many teams by NBA teams in the United States, competition has continued to grow. With this in mind, better’s Rift, the first French website devoted entirely to online betting on eSport competitions, is launched. Just as a sport in general already does, many tournaments can be attended by aficionados wishing to support their favorite teams and players.

The official website of better’s Rift has just come out of a BETA version of several months, and the first bets can finally be made. Here, you don’t need a credit card; you just need to log on to the site to receive virtual currency. You can then wager and redeem your winnings for gifts. Also, if you run out of virtual money, you will just need to watch award-winning ads to replenish your account. Better’s Rift proposes to bet, chat with friends and even follow the competitions directly on the site with several games already covered: League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Starcraft 2 and Overwatch. Other licenses are also expected in the coming months to cover a wide range of games available. Want to bet on a team?

WoW Esports introduces the crowdfunding for 2019

The Esport of World Of Warcraft has just announced its architecture for 2019, accompanied by a particular detail: the integration of crowdfunding mechanics.

Crowdfunding, or crowdfunding, makes it possible to raise large sums of money for a cause, an event that is conducive to its application, through a community of individuals.

In the framework of Esport, the great representative of this practice, in exchange for objects and advantages at stake, is none other than Dota 2 and it’s famous The International. It is now Blizzard Entertainment that chooses to apply it within its ecosystem.

On this occasion, the Esport of World Of Warcraft has been chosen to apply the measure within its two events of 2019 :

The World of Warcraft Arena Championship

– >The quintessence of the arenas of each region ;

The World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International

– >A time trial taking place in specific world of Warcraft dungeons.

During the spring, Blizzard will introduce two new “toys” into the store, details of which will be revealed later. A portion of the sale price will go directly to the financial rewards of the two sports programs mentioned above.

The eye of the editorial

Supporting our favorite competitions by participating in financial rewards, while receiving rewards in return, is a great way to generate a winning system for all stakeholders.

From the publisher’s point of view, the establishment of a pool prize represents a high financial cost which cannot exceed certain amounts, even if partners join it. The International, the flagship event of Dota 2, is a perfect example: Valve can’t afford to put more than $ 20 million on the table in one piece.

Therefore, this new economic injection into the ecosystem is just as beneficial in the long term, feeding the whole circuit with a title and allowing the various organizations rewarded to have more resources. It is also a prime marketing argument where the example of Fortnite’s colossal sums contributes to its presence in the minds, even outside the field of gaming.

Finally, from a spectator’s point of view, it is also a question of obtaining a means of supporting the sports program that fascinates us, of contributing to its development while being rewarded with benefits or objects at stake. The player gets more involved, keeps the memory of a particular event, and even proudly displays his convictions and support in public. It thus meets higher needs in Maslow’s well-known hierarchy, thus promoting the link and experience that he maintains with the videogame title.

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