Origins and History of World of Warcraft

Origins and History of World of Warcraft

The history of Warcraft, also known as the Warcraft universe, is the lore created by Blizzard based on information published in various official media. The writings, which are in continuous change, have undergone several revisions over time due to the interaction of other lines of argument. The lore includes the information provided on the official website of Warcraft, video games, novels, books, RPG, comics, E-books and internal sources of Blizzard that has a specific department to develop the history of Warcraft.

Blizzard has long set in motion a policy of diversification of sources so many of the parts of the story that are not explained in world of Warcraft video games end up being in novels and comics that are not always available in Spanish. This means that there is a significant lack of knowledge among many people of some important fundamental aspects of history that cannot be accessed by official sources because they do not exist in their language and have to resort to amateur translations that are not always the most accurate. The Internet is filled with disordered stories of Warcraft history without any outdated reference source, and outside the current context of events, so it becomes necessary to have a place where all possible information is gathered. Here is a reasonably faithful summary of all the official material published by Blizzard and his references.

New Era

After many years of the Battle of Mount Hyjal and the rise of the Renegades in Azeroth began a new and last war in Azeroth made up of the Alliance and the Horde fighting for the control of Azeroth. In the first stage of the modern era the Alliance and the Horde you have heroes who fought against evil forces like C than an ancient god who was in Ahh quiraj and Nefarian Lord of the Bocanegra, son of Alamuerte in Mountain Rock Regra.

In the second stage, the heroes entered the Dark portal where for the alliance they met the draeneis, and the Horde met the Elves of blood where they met Terrallende what was before Draenor there the heroes fought against the forces of the fiery legion, the naga, and the ogres. The heroes defeated the traitor Illidan Tempesteria and his lieutenants as Kaelthas, and Lady Vashj is believed that with the defeat of Illidan all had passed but it was not true Kaelthas almost dead went to the Island of Queldanas there attempt that Kiljaden enters the world, but the heroes stopped him in time before Kiljaden leave to Azeroth.

In the third stage, the heroes of Azeroth went to Northrend because Tirion Vadin was promised to end the plague after the plague had attacked the chapel of hope of light. In the battle against the gate of cholera the great Apothecary Putress and Varimatras attacked the forces of the alliance and the Horde. The King survived the attack of Putres and Varimatras the forces of the coalition struck entrails where they killed Putres while the Horde to Varimatras the effects of the Horde saw their faces and attacked each other. But Lady Jaina stopped him sending the two forces to their capitals then Lady Silvanas recovered entrails, a time passed when Bran Barbabronce discovered Ulduar, the city of the Titans. He found that inside Ulduar there was an ancient god called Yogg Saron who planned to destroy all life then Bran, with the help of the heroes and the Kirin Tor they stopped him after about two months. Tirion Vadin and Darion Mograine attacked the Fortress of Arthas the fearsome Ice Crown Citadel the heroes passed through all the powerful servants the end of the Exanyme King came after a final battle the heroes defeated the exonyms King and also saw the new examine King Bolvar Fordragon crowned by Tirion. Then it was believed that everything had happened, but it was not true Halion the destroyer of the attack twilight the shrine Rubi saying the weapon would arrive.

There was a time of peace until Alamuerte attacked the continents of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms new races appeared the goblin and the huargen the heroes killed their most powerful lieutenants like Alkir the Lord of the wind, Nefarian, and Onixia resurrected and Chagall leader of the Cult of Twilight after Deathwing. I wanted to destroy the world tree with the help of Ragnaros resurrected and his powers increased, he was about to do so but was finally defeated in the land of Fire by the heroes step a time until Deathwing attacked the Temple Resting Dragon. Then the heroes already knew as to defeat Deathwing, with the power of the Soul of the Dragon that was taken out of the time in the final battle against the Destroyer Thrall. It used the Soul of the Dragon to destroy at once the Destroyer and made Deathwing he died, but the aspects that helped Thrall had lost all his immortality, and now the characters were already mortal.

He spent time after the death of Deathwing then the armies of the horde and the alliance were evenly matched then they discovered the new continent Pandaria. A new continent without exploiting out there they met the Pandaren is a race, the armies of the alliance and horde came to Pandaria after a battle in the sea, the troops attacked the other in the jade forest after they met the enemies most potent of the Pandaren Shahs were evil spirits that came of anger fear hatred and more in the jade forest met one of the most potent Doubt, and so the Pandaria journey began to change the history of these two factions rebellions in the two gods Mogus Mantides Zandalari and more.

Previous Warcraft Games

From Warcraft III with the addition of extensive game manuals, the world of Azeroth began to build a valid reference source for consultation. The events that took place in the various campaigns included expanded this information, and it took an index to sort out everything that happened in them.

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