Wow Map
Really funky utility to get around the World …. of Warcraft. See Horde an Alliance camps, travel paths and more.
Like Google Maps…. but for WoW

A website about Rogues, gear information

WoW Reputation Calculator
I just love this site, it is extremely easy to see what you need to grind to gain reputation to certain factions.

Wow Gem Finder
This page allows you to search for socketable gems from all those available in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Auction House Price Database

Curse Gaming
WoW Addons Downloads

Druid Wiki
The Druid Wiki is a compilation of guides, utilities, and information on just about every aspect of the Druid class in World of Warcraft.

Dark Legacy Comics
An awesome WoW comic, makes me lol every week.

Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists

A complete guide to Hunter Pets in WoW