Dungeon & Raid Bug Fixes

Many dungeon maps with display issues or missing sections have been updated.
Several bosses and creatures were awarding no, or too little, reputation when killed. Conversely, some creatures were awarding too much reputation, or should not have been awarding reputation at all. These inconsistencies have been corrected.
Error messages for characters unable to enter a Heroic raid dungeon should be more clear.
Players level 83 and higher should be able to correctly queue for holiday dungeon bosses.
Players above level 80 can no longer queue for Wrath of the Lich King Heroic dungeons.
Level 68-79 Wrath of the Lich King dungeons again award reputation.
If a spell is cast which provides items for players (i.e. Soulwell), members of the party or raid should still be able to access the items after the caster leaves the dungeon.
The minimum level requirements for many level 1-60 dungeons were too high and have been appropriately adjusted.


If one of the bug trio bosses is tamed, the encounter can again be completed normally.

Baradin Hold

Players in the raid dungeon will correctly be given a 15-minute warning before Tol Barad will be in contention again.

The Bastion of Twilight

There should no longer be a significant performance drop when entering the Bastion Antechamber.
Several items dropping in the Heroic version of Bastion of Twilight which did not have the Heroic tag in their tooltip have been updated.
Cho’gall should no longer look awkward when he is Distracted while sitting on the Throne of the Apocalypse.
The voice-over text now matches the voice-over for Cho’Gall’s speeches.
Cho’gall shouldn’t Evade and despawn if pulled too close to the door at the entrance to the Throne of the Apocalypse.
Cho’gall shouldn’t despawn if tanked close to his door when he gains Twisted Devotion.
If a Fire Elemental is spawned while Cho’gall is standing on the hidden elevator, they will no longer spawn in the wrong location for the remainder of the encounter.
The overhead arrow spell animation caused by Valiona’s Twilight Meteorite ability shouldn’t clip into the affected character while animating.
The corpses of Valiona and Theralion will adhere to the laws of gravity and fall to the ground if killed during phase transitions.
The Cache of the Broodmother (from Sinestra) will no longer despawn if dungeon difficulty is changed in the interface.
Static Overload used in the Twilight Ascendant Council encounter no longer deals full damage to pets.

Black Morass

Sa’at again has a dialog option for players to obtain a Chrono-Beacon, even if they have not completed the quest chain that begins with the quest “The Caverns of Time.”

Blackrock Caverns

Karsh Steelbender’s targeting reticule no longer changes size when he catches fire.
Raz the Crazed no longer returns to his Shadow Prison if Blackrock Caverns is reset, which was preventing players from finishing the dungeon.
Players shouldn’t experience a move enforcement error or be pushed under the world if they are standing near lava when affected by Chains of Woe during the Rom’ogg Bonecrusher encounter.
Twilight Obsidian Borers in Blackrock Caverns resume channeling of Bore after being under the effects of a rogue’s Sap.

Blackwing Descent

Ancient Dwarven Shields used while Atramedes is entering or exiting his air phase should correctly be destroyed.
There is no longer a dead zone void of Sonic Pulses on the Heroic version of the Atramedes encounter.
Arcanotron can no longer be pulled further than intended via a death knight’s Death Grip.
Lightning Shield shouldn’t trigger the shields of all Omnotron Council bosses.
Clicking the character name displayed in the raid warning for Lightning Conductor during the Omnotron Defense System encounter no longer brings up the tooltip for the spell Lightning Conductor.
Maloriak’s Magma Jets correctly have a cast time.
The effect of Maloriak’s spell Consuming Flames should no longer be inconsistent with its combat log tooltip.
Maloriak will no longer interrupt himself when speaking during transition phases.
The voice-over text now matches the voice-over for Lord Victor Nefarius’ post-Maloriak kill speech.
Corpses of Animated Bone Warriors no longer float above the lava during phase 2 of the Nefarian’s End encounter.
Nefarions voice-overs should always be audible when standing in the Vault of the Shadowflame.
Chimaeron shouldn’t enter phase 2 prematurely.
Chimaeron thought he had 3 heads, resulting in 3 separate sleeping animations. He now knows he only has 2 heads.

Blackwing Lair

The gate at the entrance of Blackwing Lair correctly opens after Chromaggus is tamed as a pet.

Caverns of Time

Human Illusion: This effect is no longer applied to worgen.

The Deadmines

Admiral Ripsnarl can no longer be pulled off the top of his ship without resetting the encounter on Heroic difficulty.
Defeating Captain Cookie should no longer despawn his cooking pot or leave his corpse floating in mid-air.
Foe Reaper 5000 should no longer arbitrarily reset the encounter.
The achievement criteria for Prototype Prodigy correctly resets after a wipe.
It is no longer possible to avoid detonated charges without leaving the boat during the Vanessa VanCleef encounter.
The buff aura applied with random internal information in the tooltip when players access the ropes during the Vanessa VanCleef encounter has been amended.

Grim Batol

The Twilight Beguiler’s ability Deceitful Blast no longer ignores line of sight.
It is no longer possible for Forgemaster Throngus to not choose a static direction to channel Flaming Shield.

Halls of Origination

Spatial Anomaly now drops loot.
Multiple Heroic items dropping in the Halls of Origination had level requirements that were too low and have been updated.
Players should correctly receive the achievement Faster Than the Speed of Light if they die prior to the party meeting the criteria.
Setesh’s Chaos Burn void zones should now be viewable by players with projected textures disabled.
The Setesh encounter will now fully reset properly, even if his minions are more than 300 yards from him when he resets.
Curse of the Runecaster debuff now deals damage as its tooltip states it will.
The Sun-Touched Spritelings and Sprites will no longer retain the Pyrogenics buffs after death.
Sun-Touched Servants and Sprites will no longer die without spawning creatures if they are stunned right after they cast Disperse.
The Celestial Familiars summoned during the Isiset encounter are no longer classified as humanoids.

Icecrown Citadel

Kinetic Bombs used during the Blood Prince Council fight will no longer behave oddly if they spawn near the door at the entrance to the room.

Lost City of the Tol’vir

Characters hit with General Husam’s Hard Impact ability should now always slide down the pillar they are flung into.
Lockmaw shouldn’t Evade and despawn if pulled onto the steps directly behind his starting location.
Several line-of-sight issues have been corrected around the Sanctum of the South Wind.

Scarlet Monastery

The courtyards in the Library, Armory and Cathedral wings should no longer have portal errors.

Sethekk Halls

The door leading out of Talon King Ikiss’s room should always properly open.

The Stonecore

Fixed a bug that made Ozruk’s Shatter knockback component 10-yard range while the damage had a 15-yard range. Both are 15 yards now.
Earthwarden Yrsa has been reminded she’s a dwarf and now speaks like one (instead of using a draenei voice).
Crystal Shards spawned by the Crystalspawn Giant should now immediately despawn after a wipe.
The particle effects used when Corborus submerges below the ground should no longer cause performance issues.
Players shouldn’t receive a random error during the High Priestess Azil encounter.
High Priestess Azil shouldn’t be able to Force Grip players through the altar.
Killing a Stonecore Earthshaper that transforms into a Force of Earth now correctly awards loot.


Archmage Angela Dosantos’s portal at the end of the dungeon should no longer suffer from functionality issues.
Willey Hopebreaker no longer plays extraneous “I’m dying” sound variations simultaneously when a Scarlet Cannon is fired.

Throne of the Four Winds

A client assertion issue which could occur during the Al’Akir encounter has been corrected.
Ravenous Creepers should now all despawn if the raid wipes while they’re spawning.

Throne of the Tides

Players can no longer bypass the tentacle knockback area by being super sneaky with their abilities.
Ozumat’s Blight of Ozumat can be partially resisted, but can no longer miss players.
Al’Akir’s Electrocute can no longer be interrupted by Spell Reflection.
Lady Naz’jar’s Geyser should no longer potentially knock players outside the boss room above the geometry of the dungeon.
Commander Ulthok’s Dark Fissure effect should now display correctly when projected textures are disabled.

The Vortex Pinnacle

Players who enter the dungeon through the instance portal are now given a means to exit after defeating Asaad.
Cyclone used by Wild Vortex should no longer be removing some aura abilities.
Minister of Air’s Lightning Lash is now properly cast even if a player is not in line of sight.
Skyfall Star now leashes and no longer keep players in combat throughout the dungeon if engaged and not killed.