A really fun new item is the Chef’s hat.
It costs 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards, which is a whole lot of daily quests.
You alse get an achievement if you purchase the chef’s hat.

Blizz said the following about the new Chef’s hat:
“Flavor items can often cost a lot, like the Cenarion War Hippgryph when it was first introduced and the those mammoths from the Sons of Hodir. We don’t feel the the need to add special function to things just because they are expensive. I know a number of players who are interested in the hat just for the look and that’s what we were going for.”

To create the ultimate Chef character, be sure to kill of Cookie in the Deadmines for “Cookie’s Tenderizer” and “Cookie’s Stirring Rod”. Along with the Chef achievement title you can create the full ‘Gordon Ramsey’ picture.

A fun way to /afk in Daralan if you ask me.