Ultimate Gaming Guide of World of Warcraft – News and Tips

Welcome to wowguider, the website for world of warcraft guides and news. Think of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and the world of Warcraft clicks immediately to anyone who has the tiniest introduction to the game. World of Warcraft is a game that has taken the world of gaming by storm. People from all age groups love the game. So anyone there who is still not aware of this wonderful world within your own world. here is the entire wow gaming guide for you. To all our wow fans, who also like to play at bitcoin online casinos, we recommend you to visit nodepositplayers.com and take advantage of the bonus deals that best suit you. For your convenience, the wow horde to alliance translation has translated the whole game in orcish to English wow.

The Beginnings of World of Warcraft

The world of Warcraft is the fourth in the series of five that deals with the Warcraft fantasy games according to the wow gaming guide. they are:

  1. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans: the game revolves around the world of Azeroth, humans like citizens and the orcs that invaded the place.
  2. Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness: similar in strategies and characters in the first part, this role-playing game revolves around Lordaeron. It was a highly acclaimed PC game of its time.
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos: this game was set in the fictional universe of Warcraft. The storyline is based years after the end of the Warcraft 2 and revolves around how burning Legion conquers the land of Azeroth with the help of the Undead army.
  1. World of Warcraft: this one was, however, the most popular among all the games in the series which begins with you playing a first person or third person character who can be seen as fighting the monsters and demon, conquering the lands and overcoming challenges like raid, farming, and questing.
  2. Hearthstone: this is more of a Warcraft-themed card game and is quite different from the rest in the genre.

What Is The Difference Between DOTA & WOW

The wow gaming guide says that the first difference lies in the name itself. DOTA lies for Defense Of The Ancient whereas WOW lies for the World of Warcraft.

The second difference according to the wow gaming guide is that DOTA is based on an individualistic hero combat whereas WOW is a multiplayer game and is more focused on teamwork.

The map of DotA is the same in all games whereas WOW allows you to explore more in different levels of games, says the wow gaming guide.

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Is Esports More Popular than Sports?

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