Enchanting should always be on your alt not your main char.
Why? Well your main char will be your beginning gateway to green items and your main source of income till you get higher in levels/skills 

Invest in bank space and big bags.
Enchants requires a lot of reagents, so space is a must.

Every item you get should be sent to your alt for disenchanting.
if selling items is how you make your money like me, then send items that will disenchant for useful reagents for higher grade enchants.

Advertise in your capital town that you can enchant
WTS enchants: +7 Stamina to Bracers, Enchanting items /tell for what you want .. stuff like that…

Let them know that youll enchant again if they need and to have them add you to their friends list.
Build a clientele. Again you’re enchanting to make money. So the more people you have wanting enchants the faster you’ll make money.

Farm instance often
Since you need an ample supply of reagents you will need a lot of items to disenchant, so farming instances is a must.

Things you can do during the lower levels of enchanting.
Enchant the grey items you pick up along the way. If you dont need the reagents, enchant then sell the item to a vendor and make some money for it.
If you dont need reagents dont destroy them! offer FREE enchanting to lower level players. This will help build clientele.

Tell them what you want for the enchant. This is your enchanting fee / tip.
Enchanting isnt a big market so YOU’RE the going rate. Tell them what you want for the enchant, but dont say an outragous price. Bear in mind of how much the reagents cost, how important it is for you to skill up, and the potential of a returning customer.
Negotiating is for suckers. This can work both ways. If you think you can hassle someone out of gold then by all means try. But if you lose him or he gets over on you, your lost. Sticking to a firm but fair price will guarantee you money.


This is where people get confused on how to enchant. So Ill break it down both ways and you can decide on what works better.

Make people get you the reagents for the enchants!
No point in you wasting your reagents that YOU can use for yourself or guild mates. This will also help you in the future to clear out the AH of reagents for later on… see below..
AH doesnt have the regeant and you do?
Then add that to your price. Since they cant what the going rate is, you can have a little fun with this and mark it up a bit. Whatever the highest cost for the other reagents needed for the enchant should be your starting point in marking up the missing reagent. Again dont go to high, but high enough to keep the person still wanting the enchant.
AH doesnt have enough of the reagent and you have it.
Again add it to the cost but give it a small mark up.

You supply the reagents for the enchants
You have most of the reagents but are short on another.
Have them pick it up at the AH. You, for the most part shouldn’t be spending money on reagents that you can disenchant things for.
What if want to negotiate?
Your suppling the reagents you can remind them of that, but be firm let them know that you wont negotiate the price. But keep in mind losing 5g isn’t the end of the world so use your best judgement
They think 80g is to high for the enchant.
Tell them what the price of the regeants are and let them know you added an enchanting fee/tip. Or tell them to look up the price in the AH. Remind them that you are supplying the regeants so unless they want to buy them thats your price.