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Quote from Blizzard staffETA for classes Q&A

We are working on them pretty much everyday. We hope to get the first couple up this week but like I have mentioned before, these take a lot of coordinating with other regions and in turn translation to get them all ready together. You will start seeing some soonish.

Mountain Dew Pet

Mountain Dew Pet

[US] Mountain Dew In-Game Pet
The in-game pet is not available yet. A few things still need to be completed before it will be available so I don’t have an exact time frame to provide. Keep an eye out though as it isn’t too far out.

Only one Auction House
There are multiple NPCs in each major city that link to one Auction House. Splitting up into a separate auction house for each city is something that was somewhat done years ago and wasn’t a big plus for the economy.

We also don’t feel that the auction house really needs to be connected through NPCs in Outland or Northrend or anything as those are areas where front line battles are taking place and not quite as focused on merchant sales. We want players have a reason to visit the home cities and the AH is one of the reasons that fits this nicely.

Crowd Control in Arenas
The point I was making was that a common sentiment seems to be:

1) Only classes with multiple forms of CC on different DR (typically embodied by the Frost mage) are capable of playing intelligently and with finesse.
2) If you aren’t one of these classes, you are only faceroll.
3) Faceroll classes require no skill. It’s the class winning, not the player.
4) Therefore, it is offensive if faceroll classes ever win.
5) Therefore, those classes really shouldn’t be represented in Arena.
6) The only way to fix this problem is for every spec and class to have equivalents of Blink, Frost Nova, Polymorph etc.

Number 6 just isn’t our design, and it definitely homogenizes the classes more than we are comfortable with.

Even if you want to argue that warriors are too weak in PvP at the moment, which I don’t think is a foregone conclusion, they have certainly been quite capable at points in WoW’s history. If you are of the mindset that warriors should never be in that situation because they are a faceroll class, then your vision for WoW PvP is probably at odds with that of the developers.

We think classes are capable of playing with finesse even if they aren’t a class with layered CC and escape mechanisms. What I mean by that is that you need to play intelligently and respond to your surroundings. You need to use your cooldowns at the right time. You need to sometimes at least think about switching targets. Even if warriors aren’t there at the moment (again debatable) we don’t really think warriors need a couple more types of CC and escape mechanisms to get there. With the addition of Juggernaut, they probably have all the tools they need and it’s just the numbers that might need adjusting.

Some of you just need to untangle the definitions of cleave, burst, melee and faceroll and stop using them all completely interchangeably. It’s imprecise and just confuses everyone else.

Now, in those situations where a class or spec just beats someone over the head with MASSIVE DAMAGE and doesn’t have to be particularly clever or even sentient to win, then that is faceroll, that is a problem and not at all what we want in the PvP game. I don’t think warriors are in that spot now. DKs and Retadins have been there before.

Turning off achievements announcements
An option to turn off achievement announcements is something that has been brought up in the past but currently we don’t plan to implement. While initially there was a lot of achievement spamming when the system launched, it has calmed down considerably to where even seeing alts complete things isn’t much of an issue and you can pat your friend on the back for completing something for the 3rd time on an alt.

You can turn off seeing other peoples’ achievements by going into the chat window settings and turning off the achievement announce in the ‘other’ category, but I understand that this is not what this thread is about.

 Hunter (3.1 Skills List / 3.1 Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Chaos Bolt ignores Deterrence
Deterrence is an unusual ability — it grants spell deflection. Chaos Bolt always hits, so technically it is working correctly by ignoring Deterrence. We don’t see any reason to change this behavior at this time.

 Paladin (3.1 Skills List / 3.1 Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Vindication Nerf
If an class is so powerful among less skilled players that it dominates but totally ineffectual against the best players in the world whose skill is high enough to counter it, we don’t think that makes it balanced. The game needs to be fun for everyone, not just the most elite players. (Source)

MP5 on Gear
Regardless of any other changes we might make, mp5 just doesn’t seem to provide enough point for point on gear. It’s possible (likely?) we’ll just increase all of the mp5 on gear. (Source)

 Shaman (3.1 Skills List / 3.1 Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Shaman changes in 3.2
The class Q&As are not lists of patch notes. Many of the questions are more philosophical in nature. The Resto shaman list of patch notes is shaping up to be among the longer ones this time around, but we aren’t quite ready to share the specific changes yet.

I mention this so you can help remind players (of any class) when they respond to the Q&A with “But they didn’t buff my spell.”