Druids are Highly versatile in PvE, but a support class for PvP.  Druids get an strong buff called mark of the wild, which is highly desired by almost all classes.

The druid is a combo class, being able to tank, heal, dps and stealth.  A druid’s strength is in his versatility. He nukes, heals, melee damage, stealth. This versatility gives the druid more of something than other classes have: >options<. Because of this, playing a druid  might be the most fun and difficult of all the classes.

The best talent build is a restoration/balance build, as both of these are very complimentary. For pvp we recommend the feral build good dps and of course the stealth abbilty is very usefull in battle grounds and arena’s.

The best races for Druid’s are the Tauren , and Elves. The Tauren get a warstomp ability in addition to +10 nature resistance and an extra 5% health. The night elf has more agility than the Tauren increasing the critical hit chance and utilizing cat form better. These are minor buffs so pick any race you like of course.

Druid Weapon Choice
 The Druids greatest strength is also their greatest weakness: versatility. In PvE this translates to a great solo ability. The druid is an excellent healer, but not so good at dealing damage, so for this reason, we recommend 2 handed maces as the weapon of choice. 2H weaps deal more damage, and high damage dealing should be a goal for the druid. At the moment, druids cannot use Axe weapons, and staves just dont cut it in the damage department as 2H maces.



PVP and Talent Builds:

A druid who intends on doing a lot of PvP should be wary of dumping heavy talents into Feral. The problem is that utility is given up when a Druid enters his differing forms as opposed to staying in caster and using the forms as a fail safe. When a druid goes into a bear or cat form, he can’t heal, can’t cast moonfire other spells or emergency spells, unless he reverts back into caster form, and then back in order to utilize his Feral talents. Druids have some good PvP abilities, and need to be able to use their utility spells such as root, hibernate, heal with regrowth, moonfire or starfire. THe PvP druid, we believe, is better spent on balance/restore than ferral, if you like to heal that is, the balance and restore talent lines are very complementary and work extremely well together.If you want to put out damage go for the feral build.

Being so versatile, the tactical options for the Druid are many. We will offer some great strategies you can use. But, there are many more beyond what we recommend. The druid is not a pure tank, nor a pure healer. Its pretty obvious that he is a great solo’er, able to do both, but what about how should a druid play in a group? In our experience, the best druids will play the following tactic in groups, making them most valuable:

The druid falls back, behind the tanks, and with the casters. He reserves his bear/cat forms for emergency crowd control. When the mob rushes the back-end towards the (casters and healers), the Druid bear forms, pulling the aggro off the casters. This tactic will help the group focus on the healing of the (main)tank and or mobs. Stay back and cast, and only use forms when a creature breaks the front line, rather than being in the front line yourself.

Best stats for a Druid:

Bear form : Strenght/Stamina

Cat form : Agility

Group healer : Intellect

Soloing in Caster form : Primary Spirit, secondary Intellect

ALchemy/Herbalism are the best professions for the Druid. This comes in handy as a Druid gets the additions of potion buffs to his own.