This guide will help you from levels 1 to 10. 

We shall outline a general play style that you can adapt, do whatever you feel fit of course. The quests from levels 1 to 10 are quite self explanatory and easy to complete without much trouble.

Getting Started

When you first enter the game as a Druid, you have the abilities : Wrath, and Healing Touch. Wrath is a good source of damage for you, and Healing Touch will heal you when needed. In a nut shell, just use wrath to pull, and at low levels, you cast wrath while the monster is beating you, or switch to melee to save your mana.
You can learn your first Mark of the Wild rank. The first rank will only increase your armor, and lasts for 30 minutes. It’s an instant cast, so if it wears out during a fight, you can rebuff yourself.

Level 4

On level 4 Rejuvenation and Moonfire become available. Rejuvenation is a health regeneration spell, and Moonfire is a small Damage over Time (DoT) spell.
Important is that these new spells are instant that means that u can cast these spells always and anytime. You can pull with wrath, damage the monster until it reaches you, when the mob (monster) reaches u cast Rejuvenation on your self and dot wrath on the mob.  Rejuvenation is instant, so you wont waist time being interrupted,  the spell just goes off.
Moonfire is also an instant spell, it can drain your mana fast tho so use it when needed. When you use Moonfire on a target, they will take an hit of larger damage, then it slowly ticks with additional hits of damage, Once this disappears, your Moonfire will cease doing damage each tick, and you can cast it again if needed. Two moonfires wont stack so don’t waist any mana, Instead, the DoT timer will reset, and it starts the ticks from the new moonfire on the target, so wait until the first moonfire has stopt before u cast an other one.
Also Rejuvenation is very useful for running away. The cast is instant, so you can  run away from a monster, and cast the spell while moving. This way you’re constantly gaining health while fleeing. If chasing after something faster than you, Moonfire is very useful. You can cast this while running, and is very helpful for finishing an injured creature when it tries to flee.

Level 6

At level 6, you can train Thorns, and Rank 2 Wrath. Since we already know what Wrath does, We will give a brief analysis on Thorns. This spell is another instant spell,
and lasts for 10 minutes. Of all the buffs you have, you will find yourself casting this in combat more often than your others, due to the 10 minutes duration. Whenever a melee attack strikes a character with the Thorns effect active, they receive damage. In this case, it is 3 damage for every hit against the caster. It may not seem like a lot, but it boost your damage significantly, especially if you are meleeing a lot at this level.

Level 8

At level 8, you get your second rank of Healing Touch, and a new spell : Entangling Roots. This spell, will “root” (hold) a monster in place for approximately 12 seconds, dealing damage every tick to a maximum of 20 damage. There are two ways to use this, one is the caster approach, another is the escape route.

The caster route is starting a fight by casting Entangling Roots, then blasting the monster with Wrath, and Moonfire until it’s either dead, or the roots wear off. The escape route, is using this spell only when you’re jumped and either can’t fight, or don’t want to. Casting this spell, allows for a nice getaway while the creature is stuck.

Entangling Roots should not be used in conjunction with melee, We have noticed that when a rooted monster is attacked in melee combat, the roots break free almost immediately. It should be no time until you’re level 10, and once you turn level 10, the world changes.