WSg Map

WSg Map

The two bases are mirror opposites of each other and have exactly the same layout. If you’ve learned the layout of one, you’ve learned the layout of both (with some minor graphical differences and different hiding spots).

The flagroom is where you begin. There is a corner of it with a one-way window where you can watch the tunnel.

A pathway to the left when you go down the tunnel (or to the right when you enter the enemy’s base) leads to the third floor, called the roof. This is the ONLY way to reach the roof, and is commonly missed by newbies.

A niche across from the path to the roof contains the Boots powerup.

If you are in the flagroom and go the other way from the tunnel, you will enter the ‘inside ramp room’ which leads to the second floor. The second floor contains an overlook of the flagroom, directly above the corner with the one-way window. You can drop from the roof to the 2nd floor overlook, or you can drop from either roof or 2nd floor to the FR below.

Past the inside ramp room, and to the right, is the graveyard where that base’s team respawns. Even further to the right is the exit. Don’t walk into the swirling portal if you don’t want to leave the battleground.

Past the inside ramp room and to the left is the ramp. There is a small hole in the back wall of the ramp if you want to ’sneak in the back way’.

The Most Important Rule

You must maintain a strong presence in mid. There are various factors which leads into what a ’strong presence’ means.

1: Stick together, work together, win together.

Stick within casting range of your teammates. If you don’t have a good idea of what casting range is, stick within melee range until you figure it out. The more of your teammates you can keep in casting range, the better off you’ll be.

Help your teammates. Everyone who can should contribute to Crowd Control (CC), this means slowing or stunning or in some way incapacitating as many of the enemy as possible, meaning there’s simply less of them to fight and your team is more in control of the fight. Slow them so that you can run away or run past or simply have some room to think.

In short, put your teammate’s life before your own! Help each other stay alive! This is especially the case with healers who are actually doing some healing. Look at the scoreboard to tell who’s doing the healing on your team, and try to keep them alive! They’ll definitely be thankful.

Once you and your teammates survive an assault, there really isn’t time to sit there and heal up. You’ve gotta keep moving.

2: Stay on their side of the map!

Your presence in mid is stronger if you are on their side of the map, for two reasons. A) You have more time and opportunity and room to spot and intercept enemy flag carriers as they make their way across mid. (As opposed to having less time and if they get past you, they’re out of range the entire way while you chase them fruitlessly! Not a good thing.) B) You are in better position to support your friendly flag carriers as they come out of the enemy base. It takes them less time to reach you if you’re already on their side of the map.

It’s simple, do you want their flag carrier running AWAY from you while you CHASE him, or running TOWARDS you while you CUT HIM OFF? Being on their side of the map makes a major difference. The only time you should stop worrying about their side of the map is if you have their flag on your side. Then a couple people guard your carrier, while the rest hunt down their carrier wherever he is.

Even if your team is simply weaker than the other, try to sneak around the enemy without confrontation so you can be in position on their side of the map. If nothing else, it will pull them more towards their side of the map so they don’t get the benefits from being on your side of the map.

That leads me to a similar point…Don’t waste time chasing your enemy towards YOUR base. If you’re going to chase him anywhere, chase him towards HIS base. But even still, it’s better to not chase him at all, and slow or stun him before you attempt to kill him.

Also, a strong presence in midfield doesn’t just mean the MIDDLE of midfield, it means the east and west sides, too. Don’t let flag carriers slip past you! (Kill the enemy ones, help the allied ones.) Keep your eyes peeled for the glowing trail of a flag carrier!

About camping your enemy’s Graveyard: This is about the strongest presence in mid you can get, however, killing enemy flag carriers is higher priority. Also, don’t make the mistake of camping their GY with nobody on your team attempting to get the flag. Flags are more important than HKs.

If YOU are getting GY camped, try leaving your base via a different method (like ramp, instead of just jumping off GY).

3: Don’t forget the flags.

WSG Achievements

WSG Achievements

Generally, if you can slow an enemy and run past, you should. Killing the enemy is not as important as getting the flags, and/or continuing to stick with your team. Don’t get so caught up in fighting unnecessary battles that your group moves on without you and leaves you alone, or you don’t slow/kill the enemy flag carrier passing by, or don’t help your friendly flag carrier passing by. Flags are more important than fights.

If you are in mortal combat with an enemy in mid, and the enemy flag carrier is running past with 5 of your teammates fruitlessly chasing it because they’re too far behind, and you stun the enemy flag carrier but die, but that allows those 5 teammates to catch up to it finally and kill it, you did good. It is okay to die as long as you get your objectives done. Don’t let the prevention of your death prevent the objectives.

In a similar note, try to always be near a flag when its carrier is about to die so you can right click it before the enemy does. Similarly, try to make sure the enemy is NOT near the flag when it drops, slowing/stunning abilities really help at this point. And of course if you ARE the flag carrier and you’re about to die, try to do so near a teammate and not near an enemy.

Lastly, never just automatically lemming off the GY’s cliff. You can’t get back up again easily. This is especially important if your flag was JUST picked up, turn around and make sure that the enemy carrier is not coming out to either go ramp, or behind the GY. (I can’t count the amount of times I’ve run behind the enemy’s graveyard with the flag and nobody even turns around. Don’t be that stupid, check for the carrier first!)

And lastly, communicate. CONSTANTLY tell your team where the enemy carrier is. Spam the minimap with pings. This really helps. The enemy flag carrier’s greatest asset is any part of your team simply not knowing where he is. Remove this asset.

4: Don’t have too much defense, don’t have too much offense.

You should only ever have ONE person guarding the flag in your base, and at MOST, two. This includes the person actually holding the enemy flag if both flags are being held. Everyone else needs to be contributing to the strong presence in mid which is required to win. Another good defensive position is in between the entrance to tunnel, and the entrance to ramp. You can generally detect most enemies trying to enter your base from this position.

The general rule is that you should only have 2 people who are ’sitting there waiting to be attacked’. The moment you have 3 or more, you’re not trying to win, you’re just waiting for the enemy to win. This goes for everyone, on the entire map.

For offense, only send what is necessary to get the flag. If one person can sneak in and grab it and get out, only send one (at a time, but always make sure that one is there). If you need more, send more. But try not to take more than you need, because that weakens your position in mid.

At the beginning of the game, usually you have one large group of teammates versus one large group of enemies. This is the best time to practice working as a group and try to break up the enemy’s group. Try to target people who are NOT in the enemy’s group first, those trying to sneak past to get your flag, or stragglers, or people who run in early, ahead of their teammates. However, don’t allow yourself to get pulled apart. Maintain cohesion!

You can also do this ‘breaking up the enemy team’ after passing them in mid, grabbing their flag, and doing so on the way back. This is the method I recommend. Focus fire on their carrier while slowing anyone who attacks your carrier. If you can bring their carrier to a stop while yours runs past, and then kill their carrier, you’ll get the first cap of the game and have a good position to win.

Killing Enemy Flag Carriers

Above all, announce to your team where the enemy flag carrier is, at all times, until the flag is returned. Your team needs to know! And if someone else tells you, drop what you’re doing and go!

When the carrier is alone (no teammates):

Use any and all abilities that slow him, first, then proceed to kill him as best you can.

When the carrier is not alone, but is running (crossing the map with support):

Do NOT slow the enemy carrier unless he is on the verge of getting closer to more enemies than teammates. If he’s running away from his guardians into a group of your teammates, don’t slow him, let him. Instead, slow his guardians, especially healers.

It’s better to slow everyone except him, because usually he’ll keep running and get separated from his guardians. When that happens, your teammates will be in place to run past his guardians (or already be in position to cut him off) and get him when he’s alone. If he doesn’t keep running, however…

When the carrier is not alone, but is not running (entrenched with support):

Use abilities that incapacitate the healers (fear, polymorph, stun/interrupt), but other than that, focus ALL your attention on slowing/killing the flag carrier. The faster you kill him and return your flag, the better. Who cares if your team gets slaughtered? If all five of you kill the flag carrier and only one is left alive to return the flag, you still did what you needed to do most, and now there’s a group of enemies standing around WITHOUT your flag, which is what you needed to accomplish most. You do, however, have to get the healers out of the way first or you’ll never have the strength to kill the carrier before you die. And if possible, it is better to simply incapacitate them than try to kill them, takes less time.

Hunting a Hiding Enemy Flag Carrier:

(This is less of a problem now that enemy carriers show up after a bit if they don’t cap, but can still be useful.)

First off, use /target [name] where the name is the name of the enemy with the flag. This has a pretty far range, about half the map. If you can’t target them because they aren’t in range, you know they aren’t on that half of the map (narrowing it down a bit). Using this, you can generally figure out which base they’re in, yours or theirs. It’s the first step to any of the methods I’m about to list.

First off, Hunters get maphack. Once they target the enemy, they can use the correct form of tracking (usually Humanoid, but sometimes Beast, like a Druid or Shaman in non-humanoid form) to spot exactly where the enemy is. Hunters can also use the rest of the tips.

Warlocks (and Hunters) can also tell their pet to attack the flag carrier. You do have to get kind of close for this, but after /targeting the carrier, wander around where you want to search and constantly spam PetAttack. When your pet’s portrait turns red and he runs off, follow him and he’ll lead you right to your flag. This can find the flag ANYWHERE, in ANY corner, and is even easier than using tracking, but you do have to get fairly close before your pet can ‘lock on’.

Even if you aren’t a Hunter or Warlock, you’re not screwed though. Using any ability with the farthest range you have, spam that ability while /targeting the carrier and running around checking places. You’ll keep getting ‘not close enough’ errors at first, but then when you find him you’ll get ‘not in line of sight’ type errors. This means he’s close by, behind walls. He may also be above or below you. But it certainly narrows it down, and he should be easy to find by that point.

As you play more WSG games, pay attention both to where your teammates hide and where your enemies hide when you find them, and remember those spots to check them again next time.

Supporting Friendly Flag Carriers

Pretty much, the ’slow them and run past’ rule applies to great effect here. You want to peel as much of the enemy off of your carrier as possible. Obviously, if you can heal or buff, throw all your heals and buffs on the flag carrier, this gives you more time to peel stuff off him.

If you are the flag carrier, and are in a safe position where enough of the enemy has been peeled and more aren’t about to show up, don’t forget to stop and help fight, as long as it doesn’t mean you’ll die.

Also, don’t make the mistake mentioned above and outrun your guardians into a group of enemies. This is an all-around stupid thing to do. Say, you’re coming out of the enemy’s tunnel, with 5 teammates. There’s one enemy at the exit of the tunnel, and 5 enemies in the middle of the map. You run past the enemy at the tunnel exit, but your 5 guardians stop to fight him, leaving you to run, alone, into the group of 5 enemies. NOT SMART.

It’s okay to outrun your guardians if you are NOT heading towards more enemies than you can handle alone or with the guardians that came with you. Remember, if you’re about to die, make sure to do it closer to your teammates than to your enemies.

Generally, you should hide in or near the capping point if you consider yourself safe and that your team will get your flag back before the enemy finds you. You should hide in or near your graveyard if you think you aren’t safe and you’ll need defending. If you or your team’s carrier is hiding in or near the GY, be sure that any members of your team who respawn go to help him if enemies show up. You always want to make sure your graveyard is clear of enemies before you go off to do anything else.

If you notice all the ways that you can find an enemy flag carrier, this should impress upon you that hiding is not how you win. You can ALWAYS be found no matter where you hide. This is even more the case from the recent change that shows you on their map after a certain amount of time. The best course of action is of course to get your flag back before they have enough time to find you. The faster you get your flag back, the less time they have to even LOOK for you.

Your flag carrier only has to stay alive long enough to cap. If you waste time doing anything OTHER than getting your flag back, that just means longer that your flag carrier has to stay alive.

Breaking a Turtle Defense

You should never turtle (keeping your entire team on your side of the map to defend either your flag or your carrier), you’ll never win. You simply slow the game down a lot. I refer you to the points made about having a strong presence in mid.

But occasionally your enemy will turtle, and you have to know how to break one. It’s pretty easy, and hopefully the following explanations of how to break a turtle will show you why you should never do one yourself.

First off, depending on how strong they’re turtling, that just gives you more time to form up an equally strong group to attack with.

Secondly, the ‘decoy’ tactic is the one that works best against turtling. This works in either one of two ways, the ‘distract’ method or the ‘pull’ method. Usually using both of these in tandem is how you break a turtle.

Here’s how it works. One group goes in to attack the turtling group. They can either ‘distract’ by simply causing a ruckus and trying to do as much crowd control and damage and kills as possible. Or they can do a ‘pull’, where they grab the flag and run, trying to get away.

If the first group is distracting, a second group runs in and tries to initiate a pull. Usually the first pull will fail; that’s when another group, already in place (perhaps the group that was initially just distracting) initiates their own pull, in a different direction.

So say three people come up tunnel and attack. The enemies there run towards them, battling at the border between tunnel and flagroom, and that group either stays there and distracts or tries to pull them farther down the tunnel. One sneaky person jumps off the roof and grabs the flag, running out the other exit to the flag room. If the enemies are stupid, you run away and they don’t attack you, and you’re home free, turtle broken. If they do attack you, you get as far as you can, and when they return the flag, someone else is waiting to pick it up, and they go tunnel. Now some or all of the enemies that were defending are already halfway gone the other way and they have to run to catch up or intercept.

And if that second pull doesn’t break the turtle, then a third pull will, or a fourth. Keep it up, and it’ll eventually break the turtle. As explained before, you only have to get out of range once, and even if you have 95% of the map left to cross, if you’re already out of range, they can never catch up! (Unless they use speed boosts, or mounts, of course.) But the closer you get to your side, the more guardians you should have at your disposal.

The other way to break a turtle is to simply overwhelm it with force. But this only works if you are simply very much stronger than your enemy’s team, able to kill all of the defenders in a short amount of time before they can respawn and reinforce themselves.



And finally, if all else fails, a simple list of priorities. These priorities are generally true, but take note that if a lesser priority is really close and a higher priority is farther away, take care of the closer one first.

1: If you are currently holding the enemy’s flag, stay alive! Try to get back to your side of the map and cap. If the enemy has your flag too, and you think he’s going to die soon, get in position to cap quickly. If you think he isn’t going to die soon, or you need extra help, run to your GY and get your respawning allies to help you. You may request one extra person to guard you while you do this, any more than one should only be requested when enemies are present, otherwise you’re wasting allies.

2: Killing enemy carriers and returning your flag. This is by far the top priority for everyone who is not holding the enemy flag. NOTHING is more important than killing a carrier who ALREADY has your flag. Note that this is different from camping your flagroom; MUCH different. Announce where the enemy who has your flag is, which way he’s heading, and if he’s alone or with support, or with a lot of support. Generally, if your flag enters their base, you’ve failed your #1 priority. Don’t forget, the ‘Strong Presence in Mid’ is essential to accomplishing this priority.

3: Guarding your carrier until he’s safely on your side of the map. This is third priority. Killing enemy carriers is MORE important than this! It’s better for both flags to drop and return than neither flag drop and return. It’s much easier to kill an enemy carrier (especially if your entire team is focusing on the task) than it is to defend your carrier (even if your entire team is focusing on that task.)

4: Grabbing their flag, or being in position to grab their flag if you already have a carrier. While this is last priority, that doesn’t mean it’s the least. Optimally, you should be quick and efficient at priorities 1-3 so that you can spend most of your time on priority 4, and therefore winning the game!

Hopefully those 4 priorities are clear. Let me know if they aren’t.

So anyway, I hope this helps you in your WSG games! Have fun and good luck!

Keep in mind that NOTHING is going to help you win if the enemy team is simply stronger. Try not to play in any bracket if you are not in the upper part of the level range for that bracket. Hopefully Blizzard will implement smaller level brackets, I really, really, really, really wish they would, but until then, if you’re in the lower part of the bracket, you’re going to lose, unless your enemy is as weak as you, or much stupider.

One can still contribute as a low-level player (I do it myself all the time), but ONLY if A) You are smart and your enemies are dumb, or B) The enemy team has just as many low-level players, or more, than your team does. If neither A or B is true, there’s really little you can do except go level up and/or get some better gear. Sorry