High Mountain in the Barrens

High Mountain in the Barrens

Here are some intended, and sometimes unintended tricks and “fun” tips for World of Warcraft. These may not make you richer, but they WILL enrich your overall gaming experience!

Gubber Blump in Teldrassil
This name refers to Forest Gump, and his shrimp company called Bubba Gump.

Hail To The King Baby!  in Ashenvale – Zoram Strand – Blackrock Depths
If the Emperor in BRD kills a player he shouts, “Hail To The King Baby!” This is a reference to the movie, Army of Darkness. (Or the game Duke’Nukem…)

The Bong – Ogrimmar – Inn – Coordinates: 54,67
The table in front of the barkeep in the inn has a bong on it with a troll and orc on the other side laughing. There is also an aggressive tauren in this in that you can kill named Gamon. Glaive tells me he’s killable because a level 6 rouge quest has you pickpocket him. Although not proven, it seems if you attack him and then go in at a later time, he might randomly attack you.

Conan in Ogrimmar
The Expert Blacksmith trainer Saru quotes directly from Conan the Barbarian when you talk to him. What he says I don’t know, but someone tell me.

Probable but Not Possible in Ogrimmar/Undercity
The Rouge poison quest is titled ” Mission: Possible, But Not Probable.” An obvious reference to Mission Impossible.

George Foreman in The Barrens
There is an NPC somewhere here that has the name of Foreman Grills.
George Foreman Grills is a company that makes… yup you guessed it, grills.
George Foreman was a famous boxer that lost his title to Muhammad Ali. And also Funny NPC name based off the Brand of Grills created by George Foreman.

Shrine of Michel Koiter

Shrine of Michel Koiter

Shrine of Michel Koiter in The Barrens
This is a shrine dedicated to Michel Koiter, he was an
Artist for Blizzard, but died during the development of the game. In respect
Blizzard placed this shrine in the game.

Who’s we? in The Barrens
There is a Ratchet quest called “Guns of Northwatch”, you have to kill a two canoneers named Smythe and Whessan. Smith and Wesson made a high quality guns, perticularly revolvers. Hyldun also tells me that this a reference to the movie/book, “The Guns of Navorone”, where a group goes in to destroy enemy gun emplacements.

The Thundercats in The Barrens
The Samoflange, an item that leads to several quests throughout WoW, is a reference to The Thundercats. The Thundercats was a TV show, If you look online there are audio outakes that featured lots of swearing and the like. In one part, Panthro says, “And keep your hand off that damn samoflange!” Glaive tells me this actually a real part in machinery similar to a shifter for manual transmissions.

I can do anything! in The Barrens – Wailing Caverns
In Wailing Caverns, before you start fighting the giant tree he yells out, “I am the serpent king! I can do anything!”. This is a reference to Jim Morrison from The Doors.

Wailing Caverns Skull

Wailing Caverns Skull

Wailing Caverns Skull
From a distance the outside of the wailing caverns entrance looks like a skull

The Islander in The Barrens
The Warrior’s island southeast of Ratchet has a quest called, “The Islander”. You have to speak to a certain NPC named Macleod, which is the last name of several characters from “Highlander”.

Killing Rats in MMORPG’s  in Crossroads, The Barrens
A cook, by the name of Grub (a joke in itself), will send you on a Cooking quest called “Dig Rat Stew.” His comments end with, “You can’t call yourself a seasoned adventurer until you’ve spent some time killing rats! Haw!” Most MMORPGs are known to force starting players to kill trivial creatures like rats during their first few levels of play. EverQuest is the most notable for doing this.

Peacepipe in Stonetalon Mountaints – Sunrock Retreat
Inside the big tent is a giant peace pipe.

Prick in Stonetalon Mountaints – Stonetalon Peak
At Stonetalon Peak there are mobs called Son of Cenarius, one of their hands is a spikey branch. If you watch them when they’re idle, they’ll sometimes touch this arm with their normal hands of which, they’ll prick themself and shake their hand in pain.

Centuars in  Desolace
There’s a centaur in Desolace with the name of Khan Shakka, this is a refrence to an 80s msuic artist. There’s also another centaur called Nessos, a centaur in Greek Mythology who helped Hercules.

Clarice in Thunder Bluff
In the cleft underneath Spirit Rise there is an NPC called Clarice Foster of Silence of the Lambs. This is a combo name, based on Clarice Starling and Jodie Foster, who played her.

Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh – Islands West of Theramore Isle
Easter Egg: In the WoW credits, one of the designers is Nat Pagle. Nat Pagle is the name of the Artisan Fishing trainer loacted on the islands west of Theramore Isle. I’m guessing in real life, this designer probally fishes alot.

Snakes on a Plane in Nagrand

Snakes on a Plane in Nagrand

Garran Vimes

in Dustwallow Marsh – Theramore
In the Foothold Citadel there’s a NPC called Captain Garran Vimes, a refrence to the Discworld novels by Terry Prattchet, there’s a captain named Garran Vimes.

Morgan Stern in Dustwallow Marsh – Theramore
S. Morgenstern is the auther of the princess bride. William Goldman ‘rewrote’ morgenstern’s book to be just the good parts. Note: Morgenstern doesn’t really exist William goldman made him up and the
whole story relating to morgenstern to just be another charming part of the princess bride.

sdrawkcaB in Dustwallow Marsh
In Dustwallow, there is an ogre named Draz’zilb which is Blizzard spelled backwards.

Archanist in Fealas – Diremaul
Easter Egg: There is a book that drops called the Arcanist’s cookbook, which starts a quest. This is a refrence to the “Anarchist’s Cookbook” a unnoffical book that explains the construction of bombs and other mischief.

Puppy Eating Alien  inThousand Needles – Freewind Post
When you complete the Alien Egg quest if you follow it, it will hunt down the little dog at Freewind and eat it.

Bankers in SW ref to Grease

Bankers in SW ref to Grease

in Thousand Needles – Freewind Post
Supposedly the Flight Master Trainer sometimes picks his nose and wipes it on the bird, then walks away all proud.

Goblin Pod Racing in Thousand Needles – Shimmering Flats
Some of the Goblin racers have a slight resemblance to Star Wars Pod Racers, also similar is the fact that the course takes place in a desert, similar to Star Wars. On a sidenot there is supposedly one in the east canyon wall, about 10 meters up, apparently he flew a little to high.

11 in Thousand Needles – Shimmering Flats
There is a chain of quests in Shimmering Flats that refrences, “This is Spinal Tap”, where one of the NPCs says about another, “He is never content unless he goes up to 11”. This referes to the time one of the band members says all his amps “go up to 11”

Pluck in Thousand Needles – Shimmering Flats
If you /chicken emote at “Plucky” Johnson on the raceway, he’ll turn into a human.

A Link To Zelda in Un’Goro Crater
There’s a NPC named Linken. One of his quests, has a reward for “Linken’s Boomerang”. There’s alot of Zelda related things relating to Link.

A Link to Dodgadongo in Un’Goro Crater
Next to Linken, there is a kodo named Dadango, Dadango was the boss of the Dodgadongo Cavern.

A Link To – Un’Goro Crater
There’s a quest that has you retreive a chunk of meat on a bone, this is similar to in the original Zelda. As an added refrence the vendor you buy the meat from says, “Buy somethin’ will ya?” which is what the vendors said in the original Zelda game.

Winston the Wolf from Pulp Fiction

Winston the Wolf from Pulp Fiction

Donky Kong

– Un’Goro Crater
Gorillas here drop Empty Barrels, this is basicly an obvious refrence to Nintendo’s Donkey Kong.

Mario & Luigi – Un’Goro Crater
There are two guys here dressed like the Mario Brothers with names Larion and Muigin.

Chasing A-Me – Un’Goro Crater
This quest is a double refrence to the movie Chasing Amy and I to ” Congo” who is a cyberneticly-enhanced gorilla. I’ve also found that this is a refernce to the “Thundercats” outtakes. Stretching it a bit far you could also say this is a ploy on Mario’s “It’s a-me a Mario!” phrase. Dam triple ref.

Spraggle Frock – Un’goro Crater
There is an NPC in Marshall’s Refuge named “Spraggle Frock,” which is a play on the name of the once popular childrens’ show, Fraggle Rock.

PWNED – Un’goro
Upon turning in the quest “Shizzle’s Flyer” in Un’goro Crater, Shizzle says, “Everything needs a name. I think I’ll call it [a flying machine he’s building]…Pwned!” The popular misspelling of “owned.”

Arguing Ogres in Tanaris
The Ogre mages with two heads get in an argument and end up punching each other.

What are you doing? in Tanaris – Island off Coast
Off the coast of Tanaris is an island, if you swim out to it, you can find a bottle that says, “What the heck are you doing out here?”.

Jose Morgan in Tanaris
In the quest Stoley’s Shipment, you have to recover some stolen rum that was stolen by a pirate named Captain Cuervo which is probally a refrence to the popular brands of alchohol, Jose Cuervo and Captain Morgan. Stoley’s name is also similar in sounding to Stoli, a nickname for Stolichnaya Vodka.

The Scrimshank Redemption in Tanaris
There is a quest in a chain in Tanaris entitled “The Scrimshank Redemption.” This is based on the movie “The Shawshank Redemption.”

Hin Denburg —Zeppelin Master Goblin in Tirisfal Glades
Hindenburg Airship – Launched in 1936 in Germany, it started the first commercial air service across the North Atlantic and made 10 successful round trips.

Frezza —Zeppelin Master Goblin in Durotar
Frezza seems a homage to a bad guy Emperor Freeza in Dragon Ball Z

Fight Club – a blue item Mace from Scarlet Monastery Instance
From the movie Fight Club performances from both Edward Norton as narrator in the movie and Brad Pitt plays as Tyler Durden. Marla Singer and Chloe are characters from the movie.

Clarice Foster in the Pool of Visions in Thunderbluff(Mulgore)
From the movie The Silence of the Lambs (1991) with Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. Jodie Foster plays as Clarice Starling. Curiously, the NPC.s lips are sewn shut.

Scooty (Chief Engineer) is a Goblin in Booty Bay teleporting you to Gnomeregan.
Sprok (away team) is a Goblin in Gnomeregan in the receiving end.
Lenny “Fingers” McCoy in Stormwind
Alle References to Start trek The Original Series (1966?1969). Scotty the Engineer, Mr. Spock the Vulcan, and Doctor Leonard McCoy serving USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Jhordy Lapforge (Engineer) operating the teleporter at Gadgetzan.
Reference to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1991) . Geordi La Forge the engineer of Starfleet Federation USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Old Man Heming sells a 225 Fishigh book n Booty bay
Old Man and the Sea (1958) written by Ernest Hemingway the movie about the Old Cuban who fishes a giant fish

Return of the Ring is a quest in Gnomeregan by the Sparklematic 5200
Reference to the movie Lord of the Rings

Dupe Bugs are little critters walking around in Gnomeregan
from the game Diablo II Dupes/hacks

Shiny Dinglehopper item drops from Naga
The little Mermaid. Scuttle the Seagull told Ariel in this Disney movie that the item she found is a dinglehopper . She uses it to brush her hair.

Harrison Jones grizzly hills in northrend quest.
reffering to to Harrison Ford and his role as Indiana Jones. When the quest is completed he says “See you around kid.”

Hanzo Sword —blue item
From the Movie Kill bill

Nessy – a Threshadon seen through the transparent tunnel areas of the Deeprun Tram from Ironforge to Stormwind.
Reference to the Loch ness Monster

Dalaran – region in Lordaeron
Star Wars —Alderaan – Planet

Human male Silly emote
“So, I have this idea for a great movie. It’s about two gnomes who find a bracelet of power, and they have to take it to the Burning Steppes and cast it into the Cauldron. They form the Brotherhood of the Bracelet. Along the way they’re trailed by a murloc named Gottom, who’s obsessed with the bracelet, and nine bracelet bogeymen. It could be a three-parter, called ‘Ruler of the Bracelet’. The first part would be called ‘The Brotherhood of the Bracelet’, followed by ‘A Couple of Towers’, with the climactic ending called ‘Hey, the King’s Back!'”
A reference to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Ironically, The Cauldron is in Searing Gorge, not Burning Steppes.

1. Make your way to Grizzly Hills.
2. Make your way to Westfall Brigade Encampment but do not go in.
(It’s on the map!)
3. Bambina (Bambi), Mother of Bambina (Bambi’s Unnamed Mother), Flora (Flower), and Thudder ( Thumper ) will all be walking in close proximity to the Westfall Brigade Encampment where the ground is yellow.

He-man easter egg

He-man easter egg

He Man

In Shattrath City in the lower city the battlemasters are imitations of characters from He-man and the Masters of the Universe. These characters look like He-man characters and the names are similar. For example:
Adam Eternum – Prince Adam of Eturnia aka He-man
Oric Coe – Orko, He-man’s annoying little magic friend.
Battle- Tiger – battle cat
Keldor the Lost – Skeletor, the enemy of He-man

Trading Places
Unfortunately you must be Horde to see this egg unless you wish to raid the undercity as Alliance. Inside the bank the four bankers are called Ophelia, William, Randolf and Mortimer all with the surname Montague. At first I thought it would be a Shakespear reference with Ophelia and Montague, but then it twigged when i saw the others. Randolf and Mortimer were the big shot banking brothers in the 1983 hit Trading Places and Ophelia was the female character in it played by Jamie Lee Curtis . William I’m not too sure on. The only reference I can think of is Eddie Murphy’s character Billy Ray, with Billy being short for William.

Oprah Winfrey
In the inn of Temple of Telhemat in Outland Of World of Warcraft, you will find a draenei by the name of Ophera Windfury, a reference to the international star Oprah Winfrey .

Haris Pilton in Shatrah
Obvious reference to Paris Hilton, the NPC sells really exspesive goodies

Friday the 13th Part 17
Visit Goldshire. Behind the Lion’s Pride Inn, you will discover Crystal Lake . This is the name of the lake in the Friday the 13th series of movies. On the dock of that lake, you will find a character standing named Jason (though, sadly, his last name isn’t Vorhees

Hidden Punch Card Messages
White Punch Card : Thrall and Jaina sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Yellow Punch Card : If you can read this, you’re standing too close
Blue Punch Card : The gnome king wears night elf underwear
Red Punch Card : Help! I’m trapped in a binary punch card factory!
Prismatic Punch Card : Message to Castpipe: your laundry’s ready for pickup.

At the starting point for the Draenei go to the temple . On the floor patteren you can see glowing pink is a Pokéball!

WoW reference to Pokemon

WoW reference to Pokemon

Poke ball

The acrcane protectors in Silvermoon ruins are loaded with 3 Prime Directives.
you may remember these from a certain cyborg
1. Serve the public trust.
2. Protect the innocent.
3. Uphold the law.

you can find this easter egg from one of the mushrooms above the horde camp in zangarmash

Smoking Kills Easter egg

Smoking Kills Easter egg

Smoking kills – Zangarmarsh