Tol Barad faction balance “exploit”

It doesn’t actually work. The balance of factions is not dependant on if you’re in a raid or not. It’s a mis-perception based on the inability to see the opposing team’s numbers. What’s happening is that you can leave a raid, remain in Tol Barad, and because your old raid may pick up an additional player from the queue there’s an assumption that your side is getting more players. In fact the other side is keeping up and also getting additional players. We’ve verified across a number of realms that faction balance remains equal, even in cases where we found people actively attempting to use this to outnumber the opposing team. They weren’t.

We keep a close eye on Tol Barad faction balance and turnover.

Dungeon & Raids Changes in 4.0.6

Granted those 80 or so lines of changes may not all be difficulty adjustments, but the majority of them will help in some way. You could argue that they’re not the right changes, or not enough, and I could counter argue that they are, and you should try it first. But, what I don’t believe you can accuse us of is sticking our fingers in our ears and ignoring anything. Not jumping to implement every request, yes, making measured approaches to alterations, yes, a slow decrease in content difficulty over time, yes indeed.

PvP Set Bonus Nerf in 4.0.6

Right now some hybrid classes benefit from wearing a pair of 2 piece set bonuses in PvP instead of their 4 piece bonus. We don’t much like that behavior though, and we’re going to eventually make the two bonuses exclusive so you can only ever have one 2 piece bonus at a time. We’re not going to make that change in 4.0.6 as we realize some people have spent a lot of points to buy into the double-2 piece bonuses. However, it is likely we’ll make the change at the start of the next PvP season.

Arena 2200 Weapons Delay

Sometimes, you have to make an unpopular decision, and you take a lot of heat for it. I understand that you guys aren’t happy, and I’m sorry about that.

With regard to the weapon delay, as with any change which affects your gameplay, we always prefer to provide advance notice whenever possible, but in some situations it isn’t an option. Unfortunately, this was one of those cases.

Some of you may recall that there were times in the past when it was common for the Arenas to be flooded by geared raiders actively engaging in arena matches exclusively to acquire weapons for the sake of defeating PvE content. That’s not the intended design for arena rewards (that they be part of PvE progression), and that was a situation that we were hoping to avoid now. Raid content is very challenging currently, and as a direct result, there are fewer top tier weapons floating around. What we didn’t want was a ‘gold rush’ on arenas, which would diffuse the competitive space there as well as give PvE focused players an undue advantage for raid content.

Ultimately, what we really want is parity in the availability of top end PvP and PvE weaponry. We want to see top end PvP and PvE items filtering into the player community at roughly the same time. This delay is an effort to achieve that aforementioned parity in this case. (Source)

Tabard Storage

We have a variety of things that we want to do as part of ongoing development for World of Warcraft, and a storage solution for tabards is just one of them. We understand that many of you care about this kind of feature, so we want to make sure that whatever we come up with is not only in line with our design goals (both in the short- and long-term), but is also appealing to you. We know that you have a lot of ideas on how this may be accomplished, so we’re going to be keeping an eye on your discussions in the meantime. We may ask questions or point out potential concerns along the way, but don’t let that discourage you; we love that you’re being open with us and want you to keep sharing your thoughts and criticisms — constructively, of course.  (Source)

More Bank Slots?

We’re not aware of any current plans to increase bank slots. The only thing that comes to mind is pretty much what other players have already pointed out — bigger bags. With that in mind, you might have noted that in patch 4.0.6 the Illusionary Bag is being increased to 26 slots. I know you’re saying that won’t help you much though, but it can’t hurt to mention it for others who might not be in quite as dire a situation storage-wise as you are. (Source)