In 4.0.6, we’ve made a few adjustments so that players will be able to queue for the normal versions of Throne of the Tides and Blackrock Caverns after hitting level 85. While these dungeons will not be added to your Random Dungeon pool, you’ll still have the option to queue for them individually.

As Throne of the Tides and Blackrock Caverns are not max-level dungeons, it’s true that they won’t provide reputation from faction tabards or drop the highest iLevel gear. Even so, many level 85 players have politely requested that we add these normal dungeons back into their “Specific Dungeons” queue. Maybe they missed the opportunity to run the dungeons while leveling, or maybe they’re having a hard time with the Heroic versions and would like some added practice. Either way, the request was sound and a relatively small change overall, so we were happy to implement it.

Edit: Also, just to reiterate, if you’re level 85 and choose Random Dungeon, you will not be placed into a Throne of the Tides or Blackrock Caverns group. These normal dungeons can only be queued for by level 85 players using the “Specific Dungeon” list. So, if you’d prefer not to run either once you’re max level, you definitely have that option.

Guild XP in 5-Man Instance changes in 4.0.6
A group that has 4 guild members in it will earn 100% the normal rate; therefore, a group that has only 3 guild members in it will earn 50% — or half — of what the group of 4 earns. This is, of course, based on a five-man group.

How will this work for raids? Will it still be @ an 80% threshold as it is now?
Raids will continue to require 80% guild participation in order for guild experience and achievements to apply (excluding 40-man raids, which currently only require 40% guild participation).

Sounds good to me, but doesn’t this really cripple guildless players that rely solely on the LFD tool?
Hm. I wouldn’t think so, but it is something we’ll be keeping an eye on. In fact, it’s possible these changes may actually encourage guilds to use LFD more since the required number of guild members is being lowered from 4 to 3 (in order to be eligible for experience and achievements).

In my guild, for example, we’ll sometimes only have 10 members on at once. Of those 10 members, only 4 to 5 may be level 85. And of those level 85s, only 3 may want to run a Heroic dungeon. Right now, those 3 guild members may decide it’s not worthwhile to organize a run and go on to do other activities — but, if they had the added bonus of guild achievements and experience, it just might be the incentive they need to queue up through LFD. Similarly, by queuing up with only 3 guild members (instead of waiting for a 4th), that leaves 2 spots open for LFD, up from only 1.