Crowd Control is making a comeback in Cataclysm.

Crowd Control or ‘CC’ is the collective name for class skills that are used to temporarily remove a mob from a fight, usually before it starts.

A lot of groups run dungeons that are under levelled for them and don’t bother with CC, often ignoring it in favour of AoE (Area of Effect) spells. Some of us don’t like to go for the easy option and tend to run dungeons that are over levelled for their group and thus need to use CC whenever possible.

There are several different forms of CC, including Stuns, Rooting effects and ‘full’ CC. This guide is going to concentrate on the main used ‘full’ CCs, the ones that stop a mob completely (‘rooting’ only keeps a mob in place), and that can be repeated (Stuns such as a Rogue’s ‘Sap’ can only be used out of combat and can’t be reapplied during the fight).

At the time of writing there are 7 ‘main’ forms of CC, each is unique to it’s class and vary in how long the CC lasts (Duration) and what types of mobs they will affect (Versatility). These are:

Paladin (Retri) : Repentance;
Demons, Dragonkin, Giants, Humanoids and Undead for 1 min; Cooldown 1 min

Priest : Shackle Undead;
Undead for 50 secs; Cooldown Global

Mage : Polymorph;
Beasts, Humanoids and Critters for 50 secs; Cooldown Global

Druid : Hibernate;
Beasts, Dragonkin for 40 secs; Cooldown Global

Warlock : Banish;
Demons and Elementals for 30 secs; Cooldown Global

Shaman : Hex;
Humanoids and Beasts for 30 secs; Cooldown 45 sec

Hunter : Freezing Trap or Freezing Arrow;
anything for 20 secs; Cooldown 30 sec



Note : These are the durations and cooldowns for the highest Rank of these abilities, some (Such as Hex at L80) only have one rank but aren’t available at lower levels and some classes can spend talent points to shorten cooldowns or lengthen durations.

All Tanks/Pullers should be aware of each of these forms of crowd control and their limitations and so how best to use their group’s abilities.
Before you begin the Tank/Puller should mark up each of the mobs likely to be involved in the fight. They should’ve already explained which mark refers to what in regard to kill order and CC.
If the Tank/Puller marks a mob for you to CC, the first and main thing to do is: Don’t Panic.

Most of these CC forms are fairly straightforward to apply. The Hunter’s Traps are not, so we’ll deal with these separately.
Applying your CC (The Others)

Target your mob, get yourself (safely) in range, ensure that you have Line of Sight on the target, make the target your ‘Focus’ (For easy reapplication in combat) Watch your Tank/Puller

Sometimes the Tank/Puller will ask you (or one of the other CCers) to initiate the pull, but more often they will pull and expect you to be on the ball to CC your mob quickly thereafter. Usually the Tank/Puller will have a ‘tell’ that they are about to pull, particularly Tanks. A Warrior might Roar or Change Stance, a Bear Druid might Enrage, a Death Knight might Put down Death & Decay and/or Blow their Horn of Winter. Learn what these look like early on in an instance and you’ll have a better idea when to time your initial casts.

If the Tank/Puller does ask you to initiate the pull; Stand BEHIND the Tank (or, if range doesn’t allow, be ready to move behind the Tank fast), ensure everyone is ready, let any rogues sap any targets they need to, let any Hunter’s place any traps they need to and cast your CC. Being behind the Tank means that all the CCd mob’s friends will have to go through the Tank to get to you.

Once the fight is underway; position yourself away from the fight at an angle that if your CCd mob ‘pops’ early and heads for you it won’t do so THROUGH the main fight.

Watch your CC timer, know when you need to start reapplying the CC, do so in best time to keep the mob as close to it’s original position as possible.

If the CC ‘pops’ early and heads for you, check your cooldown, if you can, reapply the CC. If you cannot, move to place the Tank between you and the incoming mob so they can pull them off you. NEVER, EVER run away from your Tank as you run from the loose mob, always run towards them.

If you made ‘your’ mob your ‘Focus’ it’s much easier to see how long the CC will last and you can more easily select the mob, even allowing you to cast on the ‘Focus’ without deselecting your current target. This is also useful for setting up macros, we shall cover those later.



Applying your CC (Hunters)

The Hunter’s Freezing Trap is the most Versatile CC available in WoW. It can CC any type of mob, it is the ONLY CC that can CC Mechanoids and Slimes.

Because of this it has the shortest Duration and is the most awkward, pernickety, and downright tricky to use.

The Hunter’s Freezing Trap: is placed at the Hunter’s feet (or with Freezing Arrow at L80 anywhere in a 40yd radius), it exists for 30 secs, after 2 secs it ‘arms’ itself and IF a mob stands on it after that then that mob will be encased in ice for up to 20 secs. Let me rephrase that; if ANY mob stands on it after that time…

Positioning and timing of the placing of your trap is absolutely crucial to the successful CCing of your mob.

In order to place your trap correctly; you need to…

Psychically know if the Tank intends to pull the mobs to them or charge in, you need to psychically know when the Tank is going to pull approximately 20 seconds before they do so, if you’ve been given a Caster or Ranged mob then you also need to be able to find a convenient wall to duck behind to break Line of Sight. You also need to be aware of the range of any AoE of the others in your group.


Be with a Tank that will TELL you if they’re pulling or charging, will see you place your trap and wait approximately 20 secs to pull and who wont give you caster/ranged mobs to CC. (You still need to know the ranges of your companion’s AoE.) Unfortunately this kind of Tank is extremely rare, they tend to prefer to shout “Huntard” at you instead.


Be the Puller. (Like that’s EVER going to happen. Imagine, the class specifically created and designed for pulling being allowed to pull, hahaha-hahahaa-hahahaha! Sorry, I’ll put that one away with my other fantasies.)

Placing your Trap

Assuming that you have somehow established where the main fight is going to happen you should be placing your trap off to the side as much as possible, preferably creating a triangle between the Tank, the Mob and the Trap 40 yds on each side.

If you have been given a caster/ranged mob to trap place your trap on the apex of the wall you are going to duck behind to break LoS, so that as the mob rounds the wall they are trapped. (Make sure this isn’t the wall the Tank is planning to LoS pull the other casters around.)

Target your mob, position yourself (safely) to place the trap AND be in range of the mob, ensure that you have Line of Sight on the target, make the target your ‘Focus’ (For easy reapplication in combat)

Night Elf Hunter

Night Elf Hunter


Place your trap 20 seconds before the pull, so that your cooldown only has 10 seconds left to go.

When the Pull starts shoot the mob with ONE shot (NOT Serpent Sting or Black Arrow or the DoT will break the CC), the least threatening shot necessary to pull aggro on the mob is best. If the mob is a Caster/Ranged duck behind the wall, if it’s melee stand behind your trap.

If your tank was a little over enthusiastic with his pull and has aggro on your mob, hit it with your hardest shot, if that still doesn’t work, forget the CC and switch to DPS, the mob is now the tank’s problem, when they cry about it later point out that they pulled aggro from you, they’ll try not to do it again.

If the mob resists your trap DO NOT FEIGN DEATH, the mob will likely head straight for the healer. Instead either kite the mob until your Trap is ready again and retry, or run to the Tank, let them hit it, THEN FD, back off and apologise.

But, if the pull went to plan, ‘your’ mob should now have run straight into your trap and become a mob popsicle.

Move to place yourself between ‘your’ mob and the HEALER (When the Trap ‘pops’ it’s going to head for either you or the healer). When your Trap is off Cooldown, immediately place another trap between you and the mob. (Beware, if you place it too close it will instantly trigger and be wasted.)

Rinse and repeat. (This is called ‘Chain Trapping’ be aware; some people seem to think this is a different kind of trap Hunter’s have.)

When your current Trap ‘pops’ before the next is off cooldown, kite the mob until the Trap is ready (THIS is why you get to wear Mail) or lead it to the Tank to take it off you, again, don’t just Feign Death.