Ok you have chosen your race and are ready to start your mage! 

Now that your character is finished its time to learn how to navigate the game. The basic keys are numlock (auto run) and space bar is your jump button. To your top left is your picture with your characters life and mana bars extending outward from it.
On the top right of your screen is the minimap this is very useful for navigating the wow world.  When u press M on your keyboard it will expend on your screen.

When you are traveling along there will appear some small arrows on your map, these point to near by city’s left click on the arrows and the name of the city will been shown. The orange arrow points to your corps when you die and the light yellow arrow points to your team mates if you are in an group that is. If you are close to your team mates it shows small dots. On the bottom left you will see three icons, the first is attack, the next is Fireball and the third is Frost Armor. The icon corresponds to the numbers 1-10 and – and +. Pressing one will draw your staff and pressing two will cause you to cast Fireball when you have a target. 

Next on your right you will see another set of icons, these consist of game settings, quest log and character information, take a peek around. To your further right you will see an icon on the far bottom right, which is your backpack, you start with one 12 slot back pack further in game you can get 4 more bags, right click to open it. In here you will see some heal items and an very important stone called a hearthstone. 

Now the hearthstone is very useful, just talk to your local Inn keeper and tell him you want to rest there. Doing this makes it so that when you right-click the stone you are teleported straight to the last Inn you rested at. This is really handy when you want to return from a quest quickly or just want to skip on the long run from the middle of no where.You can only use it once per hour though so use wisely. When u are resting in an INN you will gain rested and build up rest xp, when you are rested and you kill an mob (monster) or finish an quest you will get double xp.
Now you can start questing look around at the people (NPC’S) near you, you should see a guy around you with an yellow exclamation point above his head, talk to him, he has a quest for you. 

When you see these NPC’S with exclamation points above their heads has quests for you. After you complete the quest an orange question mark will appear over the NPC’s head showing that they are ready to give you a reward.

Gnome Mage
After you complete a quest or two you should been two or three and get a quest to see your trainer, go seem him. If you don’t have the quest look around for someone offering a quest, it should be there. After you have reached your trainer take a look at your skills, pretty straight forward. Here is some of what you should see. 
• Conjure Water- This skill allows you to make water (mana) out of thin air. The water, when drunk, will restore mana to you, a very nice and useful skill. Not just for urself but also for your group or friends whit an thirst for mana.

• Frost bolt- When you start a battle with this skill make sure you are at max distance from the monster, the number next to your attack icon will turn red when you are too far away. It does nice damage and causes the target to move slower for a short time allowing you to pelt it with more spells.

• Fireball- You should be aware of what this does, but there are higher ranks for more damage.  You want to level this for sure.

• Polymorph- This could easily become your best skill for running away. Cast this on your enemy and he is transformed into a sheep for twenty seconds, plenty of time to run away!
Attacking him will cancel the spell.

• Conjure Food- This allows you to make some food appear which you can eat to regenerate health. Man I wish I could conjure some McDonald’s right now….

• Frost Nova- This is a great spell, does some damage but also freezes target to the spot, giving you time to back up and cast some more spells.

• Dampen Magic- When you cast this on a party member they take less magic damage, very nice against spell casters. 

Well, now you have seen some of the nice spells but there are many more, all of which are pretty easy to understand. At higher level you will gain a couple of nice teleport spells and other
nifty tricks, problem is that it costs a lot of cash to get all the skills at that level. You had best save young mage.

Now, to kill effectively it’s best to open with Frost bolt from a distance then pelt the monster with Fireball, should be able to cast it twice before it reaches you. Next if the monster has low
life, finish him with Fireball or Fire blast. If he has a lot cast Frost Nova and back off and repeat the cycle. 

When you reach level ten you will open up talents which you will want to use.  Your talent points will be best spent on your fire and cold spells since you will be using them to kill mostly. Extend your freeze time and add a stun to the fire, you will find these both wise investments. After that sink into reducing cast time and increasing damage.

So focus on your quests and remember that intellect and spirit items are good for mana increase, crit increase and regain rate.