Deathcharger's Reins

Deathcharger's Reins

One of the most grinded mounts in game, because it’s so easy to solo at level 80, is the deathcharger’s reins. It was one of the greatest status symbol mounts in game. Although the more people to get it, the less rare it gets. 

If you want to start the grind here are a few points of advice.

Make sure you have done this instance at least once so you have Key to the City  which will allow you to use the Service Entrance which basically removes the need for the Human side of Stratholme. If you cannot enter the service entrance (because you don’t have the key), you need to clear the  human side.

You do not need to kill the Baron within the Baron run’s set time limit. However as a level 80 you should really be done within 10 minutes.



Baron Rivendare
Baron Rivendare

You need to kill the mini bosses in the ziggurats for the gates to open. The order of the bosses does not matter. There used to be a bug when you open trap crates the gates would dissapear. Unfortunately they fixed that bug.

Do not give up after just a few runs. Some people get this mount on their 3rd run, others are still grinding for it after 150 runs. The Deathcharger’s Reins has a 1% droprate, which means each time you kill it there is a 1% that it drops. If you are really unlucky you can keep on grinding and grinding and it will never drop. So do not expect it to drop, this will make the grind more fun.

The mount runs are a lot easyer as a stealth class. But as a level 80 the aggro radios is extremely small (about 10%). Funny thing is that in stealth you will get agro quicker if the mobs can see trough stealth then out of stealth.

Once you killed the last of the big ugly abomminations in from of the barons chaimbers, be sure to run into Ramstein’s room. This will save you a lot of time.

Engineers can use rocket boots at  the area where the gates close behind and in front of you. The trap spawn tons of annoying insects. Use your rocket boots to zoom past the area before the gates close, allowing you to skip the insect spawns entirely.

Enchanters can make loads of gold from the Large brilliant shards that drop from the mini bosses.

Put on some nice grinding music. This can get boring really fast but with some fun distracting music it will not be so bad.

You can only do 5 instances per hour. This is an account wide limit. So best is to do 4 runs. Do a random heroic or something, and then grind another 4. There is nothing more annoying then that little yellow message. “You have entered too many instances recently”.


Here are all the steps in one overview:

1.) Enter the instance
2.) Skip the first 3 packs by going around them on the left side, when you get to the gate hug the wall.
3.) Open the two gates and keep moving. You do not need to kill any mobs. Go between them to the Banshee boss. There is one patrolling gargoyle therefor hug the right wall.
4.) Let patrolling gargoyled pass. They will only agro more mobs if you attack them. And that’s a waste of time.
5.) The boss is easy to kill, note that if you bring a friend one of you might get Mind conrolled.
6.) Clear all the Acolytes in the ziggurat
7.) Upon exiting the zigurat, head right. As you move to towards the ally, jump over the boxes. I’d advise jumping over the far left one, as you are less likely to trigger a box trap.
8.) In the alley there is an alcove that can be used to avoid any patrolling gargoyles.
9.) Again, just run through the mobs, up the stairs. Kill the mobs on the stairs.
10.) Kill Boss, easy, as always, enter and repeate step 6.
11.) Next up spider boss. You head straight towards the fountain and do a bitt of slalom, the side depends on where the mobs are positioned, but there should always be a safe path.
12.) Gates Bug trap. kill spiders
13.) Kill spider boss, repeat step 6. And head back the way you came from.
14.) While going towards the Slaughter Square, the safest thing to do is head back to the fountain, and just wait for a path to clear.
15.) Once you are inside the Slaughter square, don’t kill them one by one. That will take WAY too much time. Just AOE as much abominations as you can.
16.) The gate will open, run inside and fight Ramstein in the Slaughterhouse. After you kill him, you will need to kill the 5 skeleton pack in order to get the doors to the Baron to open.
17.) Obviously, kill the Baron, some of you will be able to do enough damage to him to get him down before he even tries to summon his skeletal friends, for those of you that don’t kill them.
18) run out of the instance, reset, and back to step 1.