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2 Gold every 5 minutes at level 40 as a rogue.

You can farm the boss Arcanist Doan in Scarlet Monastery, he drops Hypnotic Blade (sells for 1 gold) and Illusionary Rod (sells for 2 gold). He also drops Robe of Doan and Mantle of Doan (40 silver). You should be about level 40. Arcanist Doan is level 37, located in the far right Scarlet Monastery […]

Level 42: 1 gold every 10 minutes

Once you get to level 42 you can head over to the Scarlet Monestary graveyard. This is the instance on the left side. It is best to farm this alone. When you are in a group you will reduce the ammount of loot. At level 42 your agro range is small enough to sneak by […]