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Alliance: Mage starting guide

Ok you have chosen your race and are ready to start your mage!  Now that your character is finished its time to learn how to navigate the game. The basic keys are numlock (auto run) and space bar is your jump button. To your top left is your picture with your characters life and mana […]

Alliance : Hunter starting guide level 1-10

Levels 1 to 10,  Hunter without a Pet. When you start your hunter you already have a gun in your bags Just press ‘C’. To load your gun with ammo, open up your ammo pouch and drag the bullets (ammo) into the spot that is next to your gun. Your gun is now ready to […]

Aliance leveling from 1 to level 80 zones overview

1-15 Elwynn Forest (1-10) Dun Morogh (1-10) Teldrassil (1-10) 15-20 Loch Modan (10-20) Westfall (10-20) Redridge Mountains (15-25) Darkshore (10-20) 20-25 Redridge Mountains (15-25) Ashenvale (18-30) Wetlands (20-30)

Horde leveling from 1 to level 80 zones overview

1-15 Tirisfal Glades (1-10) Durotar (1-10) Mulgore (1-10) 10-20 Silverpine Forest (10-20) The Barrens (10-25) Stonetalon Mountains (15-27) 20-25 The Barrens (10-25) Hillsbrad Foothills (20-30) Stonetalon Mountains Ashenvale Forest (18-30) 25-30 Thousand Needles (25-35) Hillsbrad Foothills (20-30) Stonetalon Mountains Stranglethorn Vale (30-45) Ashenvale Forest (18-30)

Beginner Alliance leveling guide lvl 1-20

Stormwind When you start off as a level 1 in any area that you are in make sure that you do every single quest in your “start area”. As a human you will start in Northshire Abby. Talk to all the people with the yellow question mark above their head, these people are quest givers. […]

Druid Guide level 1-10

This guide will help you from levels 1 to 10.  We shall outline a general play style that you can adapt, do whatever you feel fit of course. The quests from levels 1 to 10 are quite self explanatory and easy to complete without much trouble. Getting Started When you first enter the game as […]

Druid 1-15 leveling guide

  Druid Beastform The Armor you can  get at this level is; cloth, leather Weapon choice is an Staff until level 10, then Mace in Offhand,(at levels 15-20 you will find items that you may hold in your off hand that have stat adds like “branches” and “orbs” and other items. It may be advisable […]