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Top PvE Gear used in PvP

Quote from Blizzard staff One of the problems we had last season (and the first season when you think about it) was that you need a minimum threshold of resilience to really be viable. A change like this would only make that curve steeper. Having 1000 resilience would be even more powerful than having 500 […]

WoW WOTLK Tier 8

Due to tier 7 having already launched, and multiple people claiming these are the tier 8 sets, I changed to title to fit the developments. The sets that are included in this video: Warlock Rogue Mage Priest Hunter Death Knight My apoligies for not showing the other races’ sets, but these aren’t completed yet.

WoW: The new Tier 8 gear.

Since patch 3.0.2 everyone can see the new tier7 and it dont looks like this one at all so proly this one is a t8/t9 set or a dungeon one. We dont know yet.