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Short Horde Leveling Guide 1-60

Here is a good short Horde grinding leveling guide, showing what area’s are best to grind the mobs in for fast leveling. 1-15 = Questing in the Starting area of you’re class 15-20 = Harpies in The Nothern Barrens (Dry Hills) 15-20 = Silverpine the farms 20-25=  Hillsbrad Foothills: The Farmers 25-31 = Thousand Needles: […]

Time management in wow, what not to do!

Here you will find good time to optimally manage your wow playing time. It is very easy to waste time in WoW. From skilling professions, checking the AH to grinding. You could find yourself with a huge amount of wasted time if you do not pay attention. Here are some pointers on WoW time management. […]