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Gilneas: Worgen starting area

Gilneas is located on the peninsula south of Silverpine Forest. The human kingdom had supported the Alliance during the Second War, but King Greymane had no qualms about severing all ties to the outside world when it became clear that the Alliance needed Gilneas more than Gilneas needed the Alliance. Unbeknownst to the rest of […]

Cataclysm: The Echo Isles

After years in exile, the Darkspear trolls are preparing to invade the Echo Isles and reclaim the land once bestowed to them by Thrall. Led by Vol’jin, a wise and highly regarded Darkspear, the tribe’s bravest warriors will set out from Orgrimmar and Sen’jin Village, seeking to bring about Zalazane’s fall and begin the process […]

Arcane Brilliance: Mage AoE in Cataclysm, part 1

If there’s one thing mages have been known for during the course of this fine game we all play, it’s mass murder. We have at our disposal a wide array of spells that wreak havoc over a large area, perhaps more so than any other class. When it comes to killing things in large numbers, […] Real ID

Our goals for the new is to create the framework for an online gaming experience that is even more accessible, more engaging, and more entertaining than the previous Our new Real ID feature is an integral part of this effort, providing you with advanced ways for forming and maintaining meaningful relationships with your […]

Cataclysm Beta – Build 12759 Achievements

Raids & Dungeons •Glory of the Cataclysm Hero now rewards Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake. •Glory of the Cataclysm Raider (WIP) now rewards Reins of the UKNOWN Storm Drake Guild Achievements •We are Legendary now requires Warglaives of Azzinoth and Thori’dal, the Stars Fury. •Working as a Team now works in-game. •Guild Level 5 […]

Overpowered talents

No, it doesn’t become irrelevant, at least in our minds. Here are a few of the problems you run into when some talents are enormously more powerful than others: 1) The talents that “only” provide a 1 or 5% dps increase are viewed as garbage. Players might skip them. They might make the rest of […]