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Entries for the ‘Secondary professions’ Category

Level Fishing and Cooking To 300

For fishing, there is no concern over which zone you are working. As long as you can fish that zone, you get the same skill points for catching whatever drops as you can just going for the Small Brilliant Smallfish of the newbie zone. The fact is you could get to fishing skill level 225 […]

WoW a Chef’s hat!

A really fun new item is the Chef’s hat. It costs 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards, which is a whole lot of daily quests. You alse get an achievement if you purchase the chef’s hat. Blizz said the following about the new Chef’s hat: “Flavor items can often cost a lot, like the Cenarion War Hippgryph […]

Cooking and Blacksmithing in houses and inns

Here is a tip that will save you flint an tinder. In most towns and inns you will come across houses and inns with seemingly pointless bedrooms with the nice beds and cozy fire. That fire can be used as a forge or a fire to cook your food. So no more gold wasting on […]

Savory Deviate Delight, gold making fish

One of the most profitable fish in the game are the Deviate Fish, you can cook them into Savory Deviate Delight, a fish that turns someone in a Ninja or a Pirate . They sell for about 1-2 gold because no one seems to fish for them anymore. You will need a cooking skill of […]