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Upcoming Epic Gems and Profession Changes

Blue Posts: Quote from: Bornakk: When the next major content patch launches we will be introducing epic quality gems and updating the perks for each profession. Please keep in mind that any of this information may see further changes before the patch launches. The design recipes for cutting epic gems will be made available for […]

Blacksmithing Guide 1-450

Blacksmithing is a great profession, and for some classes it would be a very wise decision to make blacksmithing their profession. Mining should definitely be taken as your second profession if you decide to be a blacksmith because it will save you a lot of gold. Leveling blacksmithing is quite expensive even if you are […]

Cooking and Blacksmithing in houses and inns

Here is a tip that will save you flint an tinder. In most towns and inns you will come across houses and inns with seemingly pointless bedrooms with the nice beds and cozy fire. That fire can be used as a forge or a fire to cook your food. So no more gold wasting on […]