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Upcoming Epic Gems and Profession Changes

Blue Posts: Quote from: Bornakk: When the next major content patch launches we will be introducing epic quality gems and updating the perks for each profession. Please keep in mind that any of this information may see further changes before the patch launches. The design recipes for cutting epic gems will be made available for […]

Smelting mining guide from 1-375

Smelting your Mining from 1-375 Guide (you will have to mine 3 times in this guide) You can smelt from 1-375 and only have to mine for three times in the guide. This can make leveling up your mining really easy but if you don’t have the gold to buy supplies you will be out […]

Mining tricks level 75 till level 175

When you have decided to pick up mining as your subprofession, you will find the process of leveling extremely slow. Here are a view tips to speed up the process, after you mine an item, make sure you smelt it as well. You will receive an  skill point for mining the item and you will […]