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Hunter 130% mount speed

You need to be a hunter or having a hunter in your party, Hunter Needs to have the aspect of the pack on And a Multi personal mount 1. Put aspect of the pack up 2. Mount your (Grand Black War Mammoth) 3. Congratulation, 130% speed Using ur aspect of the pack on the “Grand […]

Alliance : Hunter starting guide level 1-10

Levels 1 to 10,  Hunter without a Pet. When you start your hunter you already have a gun in your bags Just press ‘C’. To load your gun with ammo, open up your ammo pouch and drag the bullets (ammo) into the spot that is next to your gun. Your gun is now ready to […]

Never die while Taming a new Pet

This is probably old news for some, but for hunters who hate to die when trying to tame a new pet, you can use this technique: 1. Get within beast training range 2. Lay a frost trap 3. Turn on Monkey Aspect 4. Start the training The beast wil get caught in the frost trap […]