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Transform yourself into a Stormwind Guard

In this guide I will explain how to disguise yourself into a stormwind guard :] First of all the Stormwind guard looks require you to be human. Here is the list of items you need.  1. Shield: ” Crest of Darkshire” you cna get this by completing a quest in Duskwood. 2. Head: “Imperial Plate Helm”  Obtainable […]

Wow a Heman look a like!

Check out my new Heman! Here’s what you need to make your own Heman character in Warcraft: Create a human male character, with the silly blonde hair style. Chest: Grunt’s Harnass ( from the horde side) Legs: Barbaric Loincloth Bracers: Bright Bracers Belt: Bright Belt Boots: Bright Boots Weapon: Merc sword of the wolf All that […]

WoW a Chef’s hat!

A really fun new item is the Chef’s hat. It costs 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards, which is a whole lot of daily quests. You alse get an achievement if you purchase the chef’s hat. Blizz said the following about the new Chef’s hat: “Flavor items can often cost a lot, like the Cenarion War Hippgryph […]