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New Epic Mount: Invincible Charger

The mare Brightmane gave birth to Invincible as a young Prince Arthas watched with rapt attention. In the years following Invincible’s birth, the horse and Arthas formed a bond that carried them across the warring nations of Azeroth, through the icy grip of death, and into the throes of battle. The stallion’s coiled muscles were […]

Cataclysm Mounts – Drakes of the Wind, Stone Drakes, and Camels

Mounts didn’t get a lot of love on the front page since the beginning of the beta. A lot of stuff was implemented in-game during the latest beta update and we now have a decent idea of what to expect in-game. I tried to restrict it to the mounts that we will most likely see […]

Pugs and Gearscore Movie

Ever wonder why some people hate Pugs in World of Warcraft so much? Ever wonder why gearscore is the best addon in WoW ever? If so, then watch this video!

Save the Murlocs PSA Movie

A really fun movie about the Murlocs in World of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft Movie BLIND The Craft Of War

Awesome WoW movie a must watch for all WoW players!!

How to make a WoW WOTLK Private Server (Any Patch)

Quoted from Youtube: I am baconzmonkeyz. You may remember me from such videos as, “How to make a World of Warcraft Private server 2.4.1”. Well, I am back and ready to help with my new video, “How to make a WoW Private Server [Any Patch (3.0.3)]”. This video is exactly like my old one, and […]

Classic Leroy Jenkins movie

This is the Classic Leroy Jenkins movie   “Oh my God, he just ran in.” its not my fault at least i have chicken!  

WoW WOTLK Tier 8

Due to tier 7 having already launched, and multiple people claiming these are the tier 8 sets, I changed to title to fit the developments. The sets that are included in this video: Warlock Rogue Mage Priest Hunter Death Knight My apoligies for not showing the other races’ sets, but these aren’t completed yet.

WoW – WOTLK – Archavon the Stone Watcher – 25 Man raid

Raid movie of Archavon the Stone Watcher 25 man

WoW: The new Tier 8 gear.

Since patch 3.0.2 everyone can see the new tier7 and it dont looks like this one at all so proly this one is a t8/t9 set or a dungeon one. We dont know yet.