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Wow a Heman look a like!

Check out my new Heman! Here’s what you need to make your own Heman character in Warcraft: Create a human male character, with the silly blonde hair style. Chest: Grunt’s Harnass ( from the horde side) Legs: Barbaric Loincloth Bracers: Bright Bracers Belt: Bright Belt Boots: Bright Boots Weapon: Merc sword of the wolf All that […]

How to get a Head Start in Warsong Gulch

A fun way to start WSG quickly if you have money to spare. 1. Enter the queue for Warsong Gulch 2. Go to an area with mobs so you can die  3. When the Enter the Warsong Gulch comes up,  die from a mob first before accepting. 4. When you die, do NOT release spirit, […]

Good uses for Alts in World of Warcraft

Here are some great tips & tricks what you can do with Alts in World of Warcraft. These tips apply to both new players and veteran players. Create alts when you start the game. Be sure to choose a Race and Class combination for you’re Alt that you will play somewhere in time. Best is […]

Easy Instance reset

This works every time we tried it. We have figured it out to make it work 100% of the time. Here is an explanation in 7 steps! 1) Enter the instance alone 2) Invite an friend or just somebody and make sure they stay in your group. 3) If your work is done in the […]

Time management in wow, what not to do!

Here you will find good time to optimally manage your wow playing time. It is very easy to waste time in WoW. From skilling professions, checking the AH to grinding. You could find yourself with a huge amount of wasted time if you do not pay attention. Here are some pointers on WoW time management. […]

Cool Easter Eggs in World of Warcraft!

Here are some intended, and sometimes unintended tricks and “fun” tips for World of Warcraft. These may not make you richer, but they WILL enrich your overall gaming experience! Gubber Blump in Teldrassil This name refers to Forest Gump, and his shrimp company called Bubba Gump. Hail To The King Baby!  in Ashenvale – Zoram […]

Easy to miss WoW Loremaster Quests

I optained the Loremaster quest a few weeks ago and all because of the following awesome easy to miss WoW quests list The number given is the level of the quest, the number in () is the minimum level to start the quest. The location is where the quest shows up in the Quest Log, […]

Mining tricks level 75 till level 175

When you have decided to pick up mining as your subprofession, you will find the process of leveling extremely slow. Here are a view tips to speed up the process, after you mine an item, make sure you smelt it as well. You will receive an  skill point for mining the item and you will […]

Priest Mind Control Tricks

When you are in contol of an enemy you can use its buffs and certain spells. For example, in an instance you could control a mob use it spells to heal your party or to attack other mobs. When in PVP its best to Mind Control a Mage they can Dot, massive spell damage, polymorph […]

Shaman Ghost Wolf speed HAX

You will need the Noggenfogger elixir (quest reward from Tanaris) 1) Use the noggenfogger elixir 2) Cast Ghost Wolf Now the skeleton morph takes precedens over your Ghost Wolf, now you will run around your city at 140% speed and still look like an skeleton. Then you can wait until people will report you for […]