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Baron runs, Deathcharger’s Reins

One of the most grinded mounts in game, because it’s so easy to solo at level 80, is the deathcharger’s reins. It was one of the greatest status symbol mounts in game. Although the more people to get it, the less rare it gets.  If you want to start the grind here are a few […]

Warcraft gold tip: looting and selling

Big bags. Every little detail helps you make more gold in warcraft. First thing you will need is large bags. Buy the 18 slot (Imbued Netherweave Bag) or 20 slot (Frostweave Bag) bags from the auction house. This way you will have enough slots to pick up everything you loot in your grind or leveling run. […]

Wow Toold: Tabard viewer

Trying to find that new fashionable style for your guild? Check out the tabard viewer.     A really easy way to design your own Guild tabards.

Enchanting Facts

Enchanting should always be on your alt not your main char. Why? Well your main char will be your beginning gateway to green items and your main source of income till you get higher in levels/skills    Invest in bank space and big bags. Enchants requires a lot of reagents, so space is a must. Every […]

Death Knight PVP Guide

Death knights are well equipped to handle any threat that a mage has to offer, but the opening sequence is key. The trump cards of this fight will be Anti-Magic Shell, Anti-Magic Zone, as well as Death Grip. Create a ghoul if you do not already have one and immediately send it after the mage. […]

Hunter 130% mount speed

You need to be a hunter or having a hunter in your party, Hunter Needs to have the aspect of the pack on And a Multi personal mount 1. Put aspect of the pack up 2. Mount your (Grand Black War Mammoth) 3. Congratulation, 130% speed Using ur aspect of the pack on the “Grand […]

How to Put a Space in Your Character’s name

I have recently discovered a way to put a space in your characters name without it being flagged. I chose the name “Jeecob hicks”. Step 1: Have a character eligable for a name-change. Step 2: Purchase a Name Change. Step 3: When it asks you what you want your new name to be, it allows […]

Free Haircut every time you login!

Go to a barber and join a queue for a battleground using the new “Join from anywhere” battleground feature in the pvp tab. Sit in the barber chair and choose a style and color etc, when you are done wait for the battleground to come up and enter the battle. The hairstyle you selected in […]

WSG Strategy Guide

The two bases are mirror opposites of each other and have exactly the same layout. If you’ve learned the layout of one, you’ve learned the layout of both (with some minor graphical differences and different hiding spots). The flagroom is where you begin. There is a corner of it with a one-way window where you […]

WoW Argent Tournament Event exploit

This time we will tell you how to increase your damage while dueling on the mounts. All you need, is some talent or skill which increase your damage by a fixed percentage. This exploit was tested and confirmed to work with Hunter’s Improved Tracking. It’s a Tier 1 Talent in Survival Tree and can be upgraded […]